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Company History

Our Company History.

Our mission statement.

Three generations of the Pilakoutas family have worked to create a powerful business that is constantly evolving. We consider every step taken to be a leap towards the next challenge. We have learned from generation to generation that a company must not rest upon what it has achieved. On the contrary, it should affirm the next step. This is our basic philosophy. A philosophy that has sealed the first 50 years of a relationship based on trust which we have created with our customers

Our vision statement.

Our goal is specializing and pioneer in the areas in which we are active. By maintaining a strong relationship with our clients, we try to offer high technology products and services with a humain face.

Perkins vans


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Deutz 1015 overhaul.

Cleanroom – a specially designed place furnished with all necessary equipment for overhauling engines.


FG Wilson Gensets.

New FG Wilson genset arrivals at our premises.